Scents Of Fall

I love fall, tis no secret! It’s my favorite because it’s not blistering hot or too cold I can’t feel my face. The weather is perfect, we have some hit-or-miss hot days but they usually don’t last long. These scents of fall will really get you in the spirit even though it’s getting chilly and the days are getting shorter. I took a smallish break to revitalize and just be with myself for a few weeks. Now that I’m back you guys are going to love the new content, I promise & pinky swear. I take promises and pinky swears very seriously.

My Experiment With The Curly Girl Method

I’ve got another review queued up for you again today, it’s all about my hair routine, I’m excited about it (shows ya how exciting my life is huh?) so I thought I’d share it with you. You’ll definitely want to read if you’re a curly-haired girl too.  You can read up on the Curly Girl […]

Homemade Chocolate Strawberry Boxes

because as much as I love my kitchen I don’t want to be in it for hours and these homemade chocolate strawberry boxes did not disappoint. homemade chocolate strawberry boxes for dessert, right? (I can’t remember what website it was on because I’d saved the ingredients and “how-to” in my phone notes) and wanted to give it a try for a few months now.

5 Ideas To Spark Creativity

We all fall into a creative slump from time to time but that’s no reason to let ourselves down. I’m sharing 5 Ways To Spark Creativity! I am re-reading a book called “Big Magic” ( by Elizabeth Gilbert ) the I read in 2017 when it was a best seller but I don’t think it stuck with me because I was going through what transformation I am now. I want to be my best self with my best abilities and I can’t wait to find out what these are. I’ll be doing a lot of searching so the rest of 2021 will definitely be an interesting year.


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